"It's not the coach's role to resolve the client's problems or make decisions for them. Rather, it is the client  - encouraged and guided by their relationship with the coach  -  who ultimately takes responsibility.

We start with the premise that people have it within themselves to think and act effectively, and the coach's role is to help bring that out."

The Work Practice




At The Work Practice, we believe that Workplace Coaching is the most powerful and effective 'personalised development intervention' available. We don't call it business, life, leadership, or executive coaching because our approach encompasses all domains and is made available to anyone in the workplace.

Coaching Psychology
As well as standard business coaching we employ Coaching Psychology*, which makes use of psychological theories and methodologies within the boundaries of established coaching arrangements.

Our specific aim is to help clients (individuals and teams) build 'confidence and capability'. We do this by helping them to develop clarity in their identification and understanding of issues, in how they are going to manage or resolve them, and to support them in doing so.

These can be personal or business issues (usually combinations of both) that inhibit the individual, team, or business from making progress or achieving their full potential.

Clients exit the coaching engagement confident, equipped, and empowered  -  armed with new understandings and skills that they can apply independently.

The Book of the Science of Mechanics must precede the Book of Useful Inventions.  Leonardo da Vinci
Coaching is an intervention that can have a massive impact on people's lives. The issues people face, that often affect both their personal and working lives, can be as diverse and complex as people themselves are  -  and that's why we believe coaches should have an in-depth understanding of the human mind and the human being as well as organisational life.

They should be adept in a wide range of business skills, psychological approaches and methodologies that they can draw upon  -  and apply appropriately and responsibly  -  to address wide-ranging situations and circumstances.
Our principal business psychologist, Andy Colville, has accomplished many successful coaching engagements in the workplace domain  -  with individuals and teams, and from non-managerial levels through to executive levels.

If you'd like to find out more about our Workplace Coaching provision, its applicability and scope, then please contact us.


* Coaching Psychology aims to enhance the well-being and functioning of individuals and groups, in both their personal and working lives, through the application of psychological theories and methodologies applied within the boundaries of established coaching arrangements. It's important to make the distinction between Coaching Psychology and other psychology based practices, such as some forms of counselling and therapy, which have a different purpose. Essentially, Coaching does not provide a
psycho-social or clinical intervention aimed at addressing specific mental health issues. However, it should be able to accommodate such issues within the coaching programme. If you would like to discuss the relationship and distinctions between the psychology based practices in greater detail, please contact us.

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