"The Book of the science of Mechanics must precede the Book of useful inventions."

Leonardo da Vinci

(1452 - 1519)







Nicholas Butler (1862 -1947) once said that "An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less". We don't claim to be experts. We are specialists with a collective understanding of the complex inter-relationship between human beings, business practices and organised structures.

The Work Practice




Consulting Services
In order to maintain and enhance business and people performance, organisations need reliable and valid information and techniques. When entering unfamiliar territory they may call on the services of a consultant.
Capable consultants can lend objectivity to an often subjectively defined problem, increasing the likelihood of developing effective solutions to tackle the real issues. It's a process that can save your organisation a lot of time, money, effort, and future headache.  

Our Role & Responsibilities
We understand that sometimes you will need guidance, and sometimes just reassurance. In any case, we lend our subject knowledge and experience to the process, we involve you in facilitated debate and enquiry, and we help you to challenge assumptions.
When our clients have achieved clarity in the identification and understanding of the issues they face, they are better placed to effectively address and resolve them  -  either by themselves, or with our continued support.

If our additional services are required beyond the initial consultation, we aim to involve our clients' employees as much as possible in the ongoing processes, so that knowledge and learning are transferred and retained in the clients' organisation.


Scope & Range
There is of course more to consulting than simply providing information. Depending on your needs and requests, our consulting service can, amongst other things, be used for:
  • Gathering information
  • Providing information
  • Diagnosing issues and problems
  • Recommending solutions
  • Implementing solutions
  • Facilitating change (at individual, team, and organisational levels)
  • Managing change programmes
We offer consultation around a wide range of issues and services, including: HR practices and policies; business processes; mentoring programmes; workplace mediation; psychometrics; training & development programmes; and much more.

For further information regarding the applicability and scope of our consulting service, please contact us.

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The Work Practice is a private limited company registered in Scotland SC403076. Registered Office: 83 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2ER.  Tel: 0844 809 2557