How can we help?

If you’re aiming to enhance your financial performance, develop effective strategies or business processes, implement successful change programmes, promote a safety culture, deliver education programmes, solve workplace dispute issues, reduce the risk of tribunal litigation, or improve staff retention and employee engagement, The Work Practice provides the services you need.
The Work Practice provides professional support services throughout the UK to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and large organisations across a diverse range of industries and sectors. We support organisational, management and employee development through the many services we provide and specialise in employee relations and engagement issues.

Why us?
Professionalism and quality. Our Chartered professionals and Associates are specialists in their fields, whose knowledge and skills can help you to address the business and people issues you face.
Our personnel and practices are supervised and peer reviewed, giving you the assurance of a highly professional, effective, and accountable support service.

Our Understanding
We understand work, and we understand people. We know that the success of your business relies on the dedicated efforts and abilities of your people, underpinned by effective business structures and practices.
Understanding organisations and business activities is inextricably linked with understanding the human mind. Through 'applied business psychology' we incorporate that understanding in every service we provide.

The Book of the Science of Mechanics must precede the Book of Useful Inventions.
Leonardo da Vinci