"Where workplace disputes are concerned, our philosophy is 'prevention is better than cure'. That's why, throughout our entire range of services, we incorporate and promote evidence-based practices to help establish and maintain excellent employee relations.

Without exception, all employing organisations have problematic relations and 'people issues' to contend with. Effective mitigation of these issues is what distinguishes 'a great place to work' from merely 'a place of work', and successful businesses from average businesses.

Organisations with poor internal relationships are self-harming in nature, while businesses that actively promote and sustain collaborative relations thrive."

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Workplace Mediation

The Logic...
We understand that differences in opinion and manner are inevitable in the course of human interaction, and that much of the time they can be accommodated in a productive way. But when differences develop into workplace disputes and negative conflicts, a dedicated intervention is usually required.
If left unresolved, localised conflicts spread and draw in other parties, escalating the discord and non-cooperation. Formal procedures often ensue, further damaging the relationships, and rarely resolving the issues. Staff resign, and litigation can follow.
Such conflicts come at great personal cost to the individuals concerned, often having detrimental effects on their physical and mental health, and their day-to-day functioning. The real costs to the employer (operationally and financially) are often underestimated.

Standard Mediation
And so we offer Workplace Mediation, a process facilitated by a trained mediator. Essentially, mediation is an effective way to address disputes, prevent the issues spreading and escalating, and to cut the costs of conflict for the individuals and the employer. Read more about the mediation process and our standards here.

Mediation Plus
Our Mediation Plus service provides an extended and more in-depth range of interventions that adopts a flexible approach to interpersonal conflict resolution and addressing problematic team issues. You can read more about Mediation Plus here.
The Work Practice is committed to optimising organisations' business performance by enhancing the quality of working life for all employees. Addressing conflict and disputes through mediation promotes cooperation and positive mental health in the workplace, and is key to achieving these objectives.

We therefore make every effort to ensure that our mediation service is made available to organisations of all sizes, and from all sectors, at affordable prices. Subsidised services are made available to voluntary organisations and small businesses.

The Work Practice provides separate explanatory and guidance leaflets for employers and those contemplating mediation, as well as continued support to individuals and employers after the mediation meetings are concluded.


Please contact us if you would like more information about our mediation services.


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