"Looking ahead, maintaining and developing employee engagement emerges as outstandingly the most likely focus for developing the employment relationship across the workforce as a whole; it is also seen by a wide margin as the most desirable."

CIPD (2008)

Employment Relations Survey Report

"Engagement is above and beyond simple satisfaction with the employment arrangement or basic loyalty to the employer - characteristics that most companies have measured for many years. Engagement, in contrast, is about passion and commitment - the willingness to invest oneself and expend one’s discretionary effort to help the employer succeed."

Erickson, T. J. (2005) Testimony submitted before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, May 26.




Employee Relations
We have moved beyond the traditional, limited definition and area of Employee Relations to encompass all relations within the workplace - relations between individuals, within and across teams, departments, and businesses, as well as the general relationship between the organisation and its workforce.

In 'employee relations', we are interested in the quality, level of shared understanding, and general nature of the relationships between the parties.


Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement is a relatively new and ambiguous concept.  At The Work Practice, we understand engagement in terms of employees’ general motivation, attitude, and orientation towards both their job and their organisation  –  how involved, empowered, and committed they feel, and how these and other factors (such as personality) can influence their level of effort towards work activities and furthering the success of the organisation as a whole.

From the employers' perspective, engagement is about creating and sustaining an environment in which people feel that their work is valued, and that they feel valued as employees  -  an environment in which employees want to do their best, and are enabled to do so

Creating & Maintaining...
We know how important good employee relations and an engaged workforce are to the success of any business. Like the concept of 'trust', these things take time and effort to build up, but can be damaged or destroyed in an instant.

The sad reality is that many workplace and management practices inadvertently undermine (if not defeat completely) organisations’ well intended employee relations and engagement efforts, and ultimately hinder business performance. So, not only do our services aim to enhance employee relations and engagement, they are intended to preserve them.
To prevent the introduction (and continued use) of harmful 'fads' or practices, we advocate the use of evidence-based practices in the workplace - practices that have a sound theoretical basis, are contextually relevant, and can be tested and verified.

Ultimately, they should demonstrate that they actually achieve what they were intended to achieve, with due consideration given to any detrimental 'side effects'.

If you would like to discuss employee relations or engagement issues further, please contact us.

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