"Our intuition gives us a sense or feeling about something, but that's all it is, a sense. It is the faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes. It can be useful in life and death situations when quick decisions and actions are required, but to rely on it alone to guide our organisational decisions can be dangerous and costly.


In business, intuition can be a useful starting point, but it needs to be checked and supplemented by conscious reasoning and analysis of facts and evidence."

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Organisational Research & Analysis

It's obviously important to identify the real issues and their underlying causes in any business  -  otherwise they'll go unaddressed, or be addressed with inappropriate and ineffective solutions.

The results can be very costly for your organisation, whereby
business performance, employee relations, and employee engagement can all be adversely affected.

A Question of Research and Analysis
So how do you identify problematic issues and determine their causes in your organisation, and how do you develop solutions? If you're relying on employee opinion surveys and 'intuition', then the chances are the same old problems and symptoms persist, despite your best efforts to eradicate them.

Well designed and administered employee opinion surveys can certainly be useful, but all too often they are used and interpreted inappropriately. Erroneous, inferential leaps are often made from the reported opinions, to causes, and then to solutions.

Intuition, too, is often relied upon in recognising problems and deciding upon solutions and action. However, intuition can also lead to serious errors in the identification of problems, poor decisions, and inappropriate actions.

The Solution
We know that organisations are, and operate in, complex and dynamic systems. If we are to identify the real problems, determine the real root causes, and effectively design and evaluate interventions, then valid research and analysis needs to be conducted.
We use a diverse range of qualitative approaches, methodologies and techniques to both gather and analyse information, to get as close to 'the truth' as possible. As Einstein apparently said "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."  

To find out more about our research, analysis, and evaluation service, please contact us.

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