"We must remember that it is also a process of 'assessment and rejection'.

The rejected will usually outnumber the selected, yet this consideration is often neglected with detrimental consequences for the individuals and the organisation."

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Selection & Assessment

The Processes
Assessment & Selection processes are more than about getting the best person for the role, they're about getting the right person for the right role. In order to achieve that, there are several processes involved  -  from the initial need identification and job analysis through to appointment and beyond.

Getting them right, first time, is of crucial importance to the organisation and the individuals. Getting them wrong can come at a great cost to all parties  -  with considerable financial, operational, and health implications.

Process Design
The most appropriate assessment & selection system to adopt will depend on your specific circumstances, and consideration will need to be given to the nature of the vacant role(s), the organisational context, and available resources amongst other things.

The Work Practice can help you to identify, design, operate and manage the most appropriate system to meet your particular needs. In addition to creating a fair, efficient and effective process we think it's important that all who participate have a positive experience and gain something from it

Assessment & Rejection
in all of our services, it's not just legal compliance we focus on. People compliant practices and procedures are a must if you are to promote and maintain your company's reputation externally, and positive employee relations and engagement internally.

This is particularly significant when dealing with 'internal vacancies' and the practice of 'promoting from within'. This can often be a double-edged sword - if handled well the benefits are manifold, but if not handled properly can cause more damage than good (we offer stand-alone training in this area).

Our Service
Some components within this service are: role/job analysis tools and techniques; person specification tools and techniques; psychometrics; assessment centres (for development or selection purposes); job interviews - human factors, formats, and processes; and best practice in assessment and selection procedures and processes.

Components from our selection & assessment services can be combined where necessary, and accessed through our Consulting service, through Design and Implementation, and through Education and Training.

To find out more about our Selection & Assessment services, please contact us.

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